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10 hidden beaches you have to visit beside of Kuta or Nusa Dua

 We pretty believe the beaches in Bali are one of the reasons for the guests to come. It is just like a magnet that can attract the people attention to explore more about Bali besides of their culture. Here we do not talk about Kuta, Nusa Dua or Sanur those maybe for the people already know so well. If you are a beach lover and you want to explore another side of Bali, here is the review 10 hidden beaches to visit. It may take a little longer time and effort, but when you reach it, it is worth it!
1. Amed Beach
Amed beach is located in the east part of Bali, it about 2,5 hours from airport by taking the private car. The name “Amed” actually refers to several small fishing villages located along Bali’s East coast. With breathtaking sunrises and excellent diving and snorkeling, Amed is a favorite weekend destination. The charming seaside villages are fairly spread out, so they don’t feel like they’re on top of one another and the views of Gunung Agung is another reason to stay a while and take it all in.
2. Perasi Beach (Pasir Putih)
Some people call this beach as “White Sand Beach” or “Virgin Beach” , but the real name is Perasi Beach . It is located in the Karangasem regency in East Bali. If you’re looking to get away from the crowded beaches like Kuta and Sanur in the south, then this beach is for you. No hotels, villas or any other tourist accommodations are visible from Perasi Beach, only views of Gili Biaha on the horizon. There are a couple of food stalls and shops that offer local food, snacks and beverages for visitors, and it’s also possible to rent an umbrella and sun loungers for the day
3. Bias Tugel Beach
Bias Tugal, or Pantai Kecil (little beach) is yet another sparkly white secret beach that has some adventures lined up for you! Tucked away in Padang Bai, one needs to trek through almost 500 meters of a rocky patch to reach the beach. Once there, indulge yourself in different activities like snorkeling, sea diving, and exploring the beautiful coral reefs. The waters here are perfect for swimming and even child-friendly. You could also just lie around, soak up some sun, and enjoy the views of the clear blue waters.
4. Nyang-Nyang Beach
The white pristine sands of the beach are lined by a towering green cliff, which keeps it away from prying eyes. If you are quite the explorer and looking for some solitude, this secluded beach in Southern Bali is perfect for a little adventure. To get to the beach you need to follow a dirt track close to Uluwatu Temple and keep a lookout for a sign saying “Nyang Nyang Surfing Beach”.And if you’re looking for more photo-ops, you definitely have to check out the secret wild garden by the beach – it’s blooming with a plethora of sunshine flowers that’ll provide an amazing backdrop with a cheerful pop of yellow!
5. Gunung Payung Beach
Gunung Payung is not only a hidden paradise, but is also (thankfully) quite accessible for being one. The beach is clean and perfect for trying out some yoga. You can also engage in various activities like surfing and snorkeling – or more culturally interesting ones like getting a glimpse of the local ways of life. But prepared for some serious stair climbing (300 steps)!
6. Green Bowl Beach
Green Bowl Beach may not be that popular among tourists, but it is worth visiting when you are in Bali. The name Green Bowl is derived from the shape of the beach and the lush green environment. If you are in search of a beach in Bali where you can spend some stress-free and quality bonding time with family, Green Bowl is a great holiday option. The beach is situated in an isolated place, accessible only by walking. Most people find it difficult to visit Green Bowl. To reach there, you need to walk on a hilltop to make your way to the beach, but some people who have been to the beach affirmed that it is still worth to drop by. Green Bowl is located about 10 km away from Kuta. There are not as many accommodation options as the other beach areas, and this is mainly due to its rather secluded location. Therefore, it is recommended to book your accommodation well in advance to avoid the last minute hassle.
7. Balangan Beach
Balangan Beach or more commonly known as Pantai Balangan has gained the reputation of being the surfers’ paradise. If you want to have the best surfing experience, a visit to Pantai Balangan with your surfing group is an absolute must. Defined by fabulous weather and impressive waves, Pantai Balangan is one beach surfers just can’t say no to. Even non-surfers who want to spend quality time with their loved ones can’t refuse the inviting crystal clear waters or simply enjoy watching the surfers from the shoreline. The beach is not as crowded as the other equally famous beaches of Bali, thus making it perfect for couples planning for a romantic bonding time.
8. Bingin Beach
Bingin Beach is a very beautiful beach with stunning view of Indian Ocean and the great wave that make it as one of the demanded surfing points by surfers in Bali Island. The wave characteristic is big, powerful and challenging have been able to stimulate the adrenaline for every surfer especially for experience surfer until the professional one to conquer the wave at this beach. Although a little distance away from the parking area and access to the beach is not good enough yet, it does not miss their attention to challenge the wave and go for surfing here. The grade wave here is in five level categories that mean the waves are big and powerful that create the fascinations for surfers to go for surfing adventures at this surfing point. This place has been many visited by the surfers including the world-class surfers and international surfers to attend for surfing competition at this rocky beach.
9. Finns Beach
Another little slice of paradise is the private beach located below the Semara Luxury Villa Resort in Ungasan. The best part is getting to this beach, via a two-minute funicular ride between two cliff walls. A fee of Rp.250,000 per person is charged for outside guests which is later deducted from the food and drinks bill (an excuse to indulge in the delicious menu created in a semi-open kitchen). Finn’s Beach is family friendly and is the perfect way to enjoy the sun and the sea. To get to the beach, take the road down Jalan Pantai Selatan Gau in Ungasan and follow the Finns signs.
10. Karma Beach
This private beach is part of Karma Kendara resort, located in Ungasan on the Bukit Peninsula, and is also known as Nammos Beach – the name of the private beach club of the same resort. Access down to the beach is via a funicular, with views of the white sand beach and azure waters. Nammo’s Beach Club charges an entrance fee which you can then use against the price of food and drinks, mainly of a Mediterranean style. It may seem a little pricey, but spending a day on a private beach without the hassle of hawkers bothering you every five minutes is worth it.


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