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Hire a car with driver in Bali


Hire a car with driver in Bali

Bali is one of the favorite islands to visit. It has a lot of destination that guests may not find in other places. It is not enough if you stay only one night here. You can rush your adrenaline by doing challenging activities. You can explore the amazing beach, mountain, rice terrace and the river. If you are curious to know about its unique culture like Balinese dancing, temple festival and a lot of traditions done by the Balinese people, you can get them easily here.

In every year, the number of the visitors who come to Bali is getting higher and higher. In fact, sometimes the guests will get bit confused how they go to the Bali tourist destination. If they take a taxi, it will be not so convenient, the taxi is to narrow and it just consists of 4 passengers. Moreover, you cannot go freely like hiring a car for Bali full day tour. The taxi will charge you even more expensive than hiring a car in Bali. Some guests who have been to Bali before, they hire motorbikes. it is not a good recommendation and it is too dangerous. Because you need the licenses and if you do not have, the police will stop you and you will get punishment and pay a lot of money.

Hire a car with driver in Bali is the best way to cover this island. You will enjoy your holiday, because the driver will give you a lot of information about Bali, best places to visit, good and cheap restaurants, shopping center or even drive you to new places in Bali because some good tourist destinations are in the hidden places. You just sit and having the sightseeing and let the driver show you what you want, explaining in good English. Cost of hire a car with driver in Bali is not so expensive; you can meet to your budget. You can hire the car for Bali full day tour about 8 -10 hours starting from 500k, Bali half day tour about 5-7 hours starting from 375k, or you can hire the car to drop you to any places in Bali. It will be worth it.

Before you hire a car in Bali, please pay attention for these some tips. Please make sure the number of your family will come, because there many types of the car like maximum for 6 passengers, 7 passengers or even in the big group. Tell the driver about the places you want to go, just to avoid for jumping direction. It will be more expensive and spending more time and other important thing is checking about the driver reputation in order your holiday will be safe and run smoothly.

In addition, if you have a plan to go to Bali, you may search for to get more information about Bali tour, knowing more about Hire a car with driver in Bali. It is better to have prior information about Bali before you come here.



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