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Full Day Bali Kintamani Tour

Barong and Keris Dance

Barong and Kris dance like the kecak dance the Barong and Kris dance is a battle between good and evil spirit. Barong can take various forms but in this dance he takes the form of the dance Barong Keket, the most holy of the Barongs. The Barong Keket is a strange creature, half shaggy dog, half lion and is played by two men in much the same way as a circus clown-horse. His opponent is the witch Rangda.

Celuk Village

Celuk Village is once of tourist destination in Bali, it is strategically located in main road from Denpasar to Gianyar regency which is about 5 km from Denpasar town . Along way of Celuk Village about 2 km, we will find in the left and right side the various type of gold and silver shop which are opened to the domestic and international tourist. It is also inside of this village, we will find the activities and workshop of crafting which are ready to be ordered in small or huge number.

Batuan Village and Batuan Temple

Batuan traditional balinese houses  is located 15 km from Denpasar, It is in Gianyar Regency.We will visit one of  the traditional balinese houses where the local people live in and spend their daily life every day.The form of this compound is the same anywhere in Bali but here the owner keep it that way so it makes it very uniqe.

Batuan Temple is a local Balinese Hindu temple looked after by the local resident of Batuan countryside. The temple is designed very beautiful with full of Balinese ornaments and the roof temple building is made from the fiber of chromatic black palm tree.

Kintamani Vulcano

Bali Kintamani Tour is the Bali Full Day Tour Packages to enjoy visiting the breathtaking view an active volcano and lake caldera of mount batur from Kintamani village. Is great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of volcano view from Kintamani village, this is the most popular day trip in Bali islands

Luwak Coffee Plantation

Bali Coffee Plantation is one of the new tourist attractions in Bali usually situated in the mountain  area. The local Balinese farmers are very creative to plant variety of coffees but two species coffees that mostly planted in this island includes Robusta and Arabica. The farmers are stepping into a new idea to create their coffee plantation as a tourist attraction where you may visit it with some coffee for free testing. The famous and the expensive coffee are fastest growth in this island is called by Luwak Coffee, coffee produced from the fermentation process that take civet coffee bean and then remove through the anus.

Goa Gajah Temple

Goa Gajah word probably derived from the word of Lwa Gajah, the name of Vihara (Buddhist Temple) or the park for Buddhist monks. This name had been written on Lontar (palm leaf) of Negarakertagama compiled by Mpu Prapanca in 1365 AD. Lwa or Lwah/Loh means river so what is meant here is the hermitage located in Gajah River or Air Gajah. It was also mentioned in the inscription year 944 Saka that Ser Ring Air Gajah that is means the chief of Subak (irrigation system organization) at Air Gajah. It is signaled that the hermitage of Lwa Gajah located at Gajah River Subak.


  • 08:30 – Pick up at the hotel
  • 09.30 – Visit Traditional Barong and Keris Dance
  • 11.00 – Visit Bali Celuk Village
  • 11.30 – Visit Bali Batuan Village
  • 12.00 – Visit Bali Batuan Temple
  • 13.00 – Visit Bali Kintamani village to see magnificent view of Batur Active Vulcano
  • 13.30 – Enjoy Lunch at Kintamani with view Mount Batur Active Volcano
  • 15.00 – Visit Bali Luwak Coffee Plantation
  • 16.00 – Visit Bali TirtaEmpul Temple
  • 17.00 – Visit Bali Goa Gajah Temple
  • 17.30 – Back to hotel
  • 18.30 – Arrive at Hotel


  • IDR 550.000/car ( max 6 person)
  • Inclusion : Car + Patrol + English Speaking Driver + Parking fee.


  • Tour duration between 8-10 hours
  • Regular Tours Price :  Bali day tours price is without  lunch and entrance fee, you need to pay by yourself
  • The tour is Private Tours, means there is no other participant, just only you and your companion
  • Please contact us via WhatsApp/Viber to get fast respond +6281238169997

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